19/5/17 Five Songs to Get You Through This Weekend

1. “Games” by The Velvet Hands

At the start of this song, you can feel the edginess from the tone of the guitar. The song itself has a pretty upbeat feel, although sometimes it calms down a bit and then picks up – an audible rollercoaster of garage rock. It’s definitely got a feel good factor about it.  The guitar solo (2:09) hits you like a fucking steam train, I did not expect that. Kids these days…

Definitely worth a listen and placing in your best playlist. Will put you in a good mood for sure!

Rating: 3.5/5

Find this on: SpotifyiTunes and SoundCloud

2. “Victoria Falls” by Flyte

What a nice surprise, I’m pretty impressed by this. This is definitely some kind of pop song, but it’s very nicely recorded and well written. For those of you who love your chill vibes, this song is definitely it. The vocals are very well done, guitar is basic yet effective and bass is powerful with a great groove – all of this over a pretty nice, yet very present drum beat. If you’re planning to have a lazy weekend, this one is for you. I like to think of this one as a better version of Tame Impala – yep, I went there.

Rating: 4/5

Find this on: Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music

3. “A Love Song?” by SONS

I’m telling you right now, to answer this question – it isn’t. But it makes for decent listening. If you’re feeling angsty and you wanna take it out, headbang to this song (is that still a thing? Who the fuck cares?) The bass and guitar compliment each other well. This is actually a very good song, my favourite part is when the drums kick in before the brief guitar solo. It feels like a wide blend of the colonel’s herbs and spices… if they were rock herbs that is (don’t do drugs kids).

Rating 3.5/5

Listen on: Spotify

4. “Fillings” by Alex Matthews

This song was recommended by a friend of a friend, who insisted the chorus was the best thing to ever happen to music. I think he was exaggerating – but it’s certainly good. At the start it feels like the singer is trying to fit in the words to the verses, but it’s part of the structure of the song – well put together. Definitely relatable.

On a separate note, I don’t know how this bloke got away with writing:

“travelling back to her’s for nights of drilling, only for her to hurt me just like fillings”

Overall this song is actually brilliant, very catchy and will sort your weekend right out.

Rating: 5/5 – (The chorus bumps this song up from a 3.5)

Find this on Spotify and Bandcamp

5. “Lucky Smile” by Kit Trigg

Let’s say Jimmy Page met up with Hendrix one night and some weird rock and roll shit happened. The child of that would be this guy. I know that if you’re reading this, you probably think I’m exaggerating but you haven’t heard Kit Trigg’s song. Guaranteed to add another chill factor, how this guy can play the guitar like he does and sing like he does at the same time is something that should be beyond all human comprehension. But alas, we’re lucky to live in an age where we can record that magic happening – if this was medieval times, Kit would be burnt at the stake.

Rating: 5/5

Find this on: Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud

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