Review: “15 Minutes” by SISTERAY

From Vallance Records come the latest band you need to add to your playlist. This five-track EP is exactly fifteen minutes of pure audible gold.

1. “00:03:08 – Queen’s English”

At first we were surprised to hear her Maj’ talk. But then it turned into something very clever, we felt it was a nod to the Sex Pistols in a way, but with a (dare we say it) modern twist that is sorely needed. Definitely a fuck you to Austerity, or so that’s how we looked at it. Excellent guitar riff opens this up, the vocals are impressive, the bass is rolling and the drums rock on this track.

2. “00:03:00 – Nostalgia Trip”

The guitar has got great tone on this, the excellent work of these guys has an almost Motorhead feel to this. The backing vocals in the chorus absolutely compliment that of the lead singer. Marco (the drummer) sounds like he’s having a great time on the drums!

This track is definitely one of our favourites. We’re very impressed.

3. “00:01:57 – Faaast Food”

The amazing tone on the guitar really sets the song up for the great ride that it is. This song definitely is a commentary on consumer culture and the fast-paced nature of society. Or that’s how we hear it. The guitar solo is very impressive, it’s like a better version of what the flute solo from “Wild Thing” by the Troggs would sound like if played on guitar.

4. “00:03:02 – Famous For Nothing”

Oh my god, when we saw the title of this song – our first thoughts were “is this about Kim Kardashian?” Well when we listened to it, we felt it was a massive fuck you to those morons on Social Media who have fat stacks of cash and not much else to their personality. The outro on the guitar and bass are a dark, and well put together end to this absolute gem.

SISTERAY, you’ve said what we were all thinking – thank you.

5. “00:03:53 – White Knuckle Joyride”

We’ll be open about this, this is our favourite from this release. The vocals, guitar solo – everything is just perfect. This is just brilliant all together, a fine bit of music.

We thought Nostalgia Trip was our favourite, but no! SISTERAY has obviously saved the best of this great release till last.

We’d like to say thank you to Niall, Dan, Marco and Michael for introducing their great music into our lives and to Vallance Records as well.

You can follow SISTERAY on Twitter and Facebook. Listen to “15 Minutes” on Soundcloud and Spotify and thank us later. 


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