Review: The Dead Captain EP

Although the Captain doesn’t set sail until July 17th, this is something coming at you live off the port bow! We’ve been very lucky to be sent a preview of this great EP and all we’ve got to say really is Aye Aye Captain! Maybe that’s enough of the nautical puns, we’ll see…

1. “This Old Village”

We were really impressed by the nice use of keyboards that come in during the intro. The lyrics are beautifully written and paint a really nice picture in this, somewhat of a subtle social commentary and throughout the entire song (scratch that, the whole EP) the vocals are really impressive – soothing in fact. The acoustic guitar has a really nice tone and is very well played. The addition of an electric guitar in the middle is nice and reinforces the acoustic which is really nice on the ears. The keyboard outro/solo is a very nice fit and the bass line at the end is a nice cherry on the audible sundae that is This Old Village.

2. “Looming Moon”

There’s a very dark feel about this song, but it’s still soothing. The muddy guitar riffs compliment this song very well. Once again, the vocals are very impressive and the lyrics paint a very powerful picture. The guitar solo in this song is very effective and very calm. All in all a very impressive composition.

3. “Who Knows”

The bass slide, oh lordy, that bass slide was the perfect way to start this song. The tone on the guitar is incredible, along with the vocals (again). The drums have a very different feel to the previous two tracks, which is a nice change. Although like with the previous song, it has a very dark feel but it is very soothing. There’s some guitar riffing in the background which is very nicely mixed with the rest of the instruments which adds for an even nicer feel to this already great song.

4. “Toddler Democracy”

Who thought Ronald Reagan was dead? No! The Captain brought him back from Davyy Jones’ Locker! Ah we knew we could fit one more in.

Anyway, the guitar and keyboard playing behind Reagan’s voice is making him sound bearable to listen to. However after he’s done, once again there are some amazing vocals and this time round there’s some very overt social commentary-esque lyrics. Which we feel is refreshing and highlights many issues about politics. We would argue it goes further than just politics on the face of it, but rather the way we conduct ourselves on social media. We could be wrong but we feel that’s coming across. All in all a very eye-opening track. Very powerful, all brilliant.

We’d just like to say thank you to Dan Adams for sending over The Dead Captain EP and also to Stereokill Records. ¬†This was brilliant. Top job.

You can follow The Dead Captain on Twitter and Facebook

The Dead Captain EP will be released on Stereokill Records on July 17th 2017. 

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