Review: “More To You” – As December Falls

“More To You” was released after December fell upon us, January 5th 2017 to be precise. We were sent this track from the band and here is what we thought…

At the start, the song pulls no punches. No slight build up or one-after-the-other intro, oh no – you’re thrown right into the deep end. A few bands find this challenging to pull off properly but As December Falls does this just nicely with a simple, but effective, opening guitar riff. The song itself has a revamped early 2000s kind of rock feel, which is very much upgraded for this decade. But what is especially nice is that WE could have compared the lead singer’s vocal style to Avril Lavigne but Bethany Smile has far more range (sorry, not sorry Avril). The band works very well together as is evident with this song, and they certainly don’t disappoint with “More To You”.

Towards the end of this song, they wind it down (just a bit) to then bring you back up, then down again, then back up – a sort of musical rollercoaster ride, though after listening to this song you’ll most certainly want to jump right at the front of the queue. We loved the vocal harmonies towards the end of the song, it was a very well-done touch to finish the track.

The only downside is, we only wish we had more!

A big thank you to As December Falls for sending us along this track and a photo to use. We very much look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

“More To You” by As December Falls was released in January 2017 – you can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also watch the music video on YouTube.

You can also follow the band on Facebook and Twitter .


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