Review: “Between Us” – SVGA

Late last month, SVGA released a live recording of her song “Between Us” – recorded in the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. We were very fortunate to be sent this song over by SVGA, we’d like to start by expressing our thanks to her for this. So here goes!

The track starts off with a powerfully superb choice of chords on the piano which sets the song off nicely, this comes together with an array of excellent backing vocals which remain on point throughout the entirety of the song. There is some use of a synthesiser, but only for one chord – which was nice. About 40 seconds into the song, the drums kick in – this is where the rollercoaster ride of music really gets going.

The guitarist (Nick Burton) takes over where the previous synthesiser would be within the mix, however what he does is far more effective than any synthesiser – which is rarely done and pulled off, bravo to Nick for pulling off that feat. The bass player (Chevelle Fraser-Rose) also holds the song together perfectly with a few tricks here and there – which we noticed as we listened to the track.

The main star of this song without a doubt is definitely SVGA, her voice is remarkable. Nothing about this performance felt forced at all, at any point during the track.  This is something many folks have a problem with, but not her. It truly is a effortless performance from SVGA and this definitely demonstrates an impressive vocal range that few are capable of.


The song itself is nothing short of a masterpiece, SVGA would do well to collaborate with her keyboardist (John Burdfield) as we felt that there was something about his playing that worked tremendously well with SVGA’s vocals and therefore produce more songs of this calibre.

Thank you once again to SVGA for sending this over to us. We thoroughly enjoyed this performance and look forward to hearing more in the future!

“Between Us” by SVGA was released on September 27th 2017, you can listen to it on YouTube

You can find SVGA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud

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