Review: “Crossing Corners” by Kyle Meadows

A little over a month ago we were very fortunate to be sent the track “Crossing Corners” done by the legendary, Pennsylvania based singer/songwriter, Kyle Meadows.

We’d like to take the time to not only apologise for the delay in writing this review but also to thank Mike Mineo for sending this over to us. Looking at Kyle’s SoundCloud account we are very delighted to see that TOMORROW he’ll be releasing his album also titled “Crossing Corners”. Without further adieu, here goes our review.

So for the first twenty or so seconds, there’s a little build up that starts the song. Then out of this comes some very well composed keyboards that kick the song straight into maximum chill factor. The combination of all the instruments is perfect, this is different to what you’d usually expect from indie rock, which truly is a breath of fresh air. It’s a sombre, yet uplifting song. The vocals are heavenly, and truly well done. The lyrics “I miss you more as days become years” – this is some excellent writing and this isn’t the only lyrical gem in the song but we don’t want to spoil this journey for you.

In an email to us, Mike quoted Kyle discussing this song:

““Crossing Corners” is a recycled song,” he continues. “I wrote it while I was still in high school, but it never had a chorus and the melody was totally different. I always knew there was something special about it so I would always come back to it. It wasn’t until about two years ago, when it all kind of fell into place though. After demo-ing it, I knew it had potential.”

Sometimes the best things take time, and this definitely paid off.

Overall it is something that deserves the place in your playlist the minute this drops. This is definitely one of our favourite tracks that has been sent over to us.

We wish Kyle all the best and hope his album receives the success it truly deserves. Thanks once more to Contristo for sending this over. 10/10.

The song and album “Crossing Corners” is available over on SoundCloud now! Tomorrow is the official release on Spotify and iTunes.

You can follow Kyle Meadows on Facebook and Instagram.

Edit: Corrected Mike Mineo’s name and added Kyle’s Instagram and platforms his album will be available on from May 1st 2018.

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