Review: “Hang Out With Now” by Lucy Leave

Lucy Leave is an Oxford based, three piece jazz-grunge/punk inspired “weird stuff” band formed in 2015. Consisting of Jenny Oliver, Mike Smith and Pete Smith.

On April 27th 2018, they released their album “Look//Listen”. We were fortunate enough to be sent a track from the album titled “Hang Out With Now”. From how they described it to us, they said it “was about Morrissey and problematic faves and consent and all male bills…” – so we had ourselves a watch of their music video and this is what we thought.



The songs starts straight away, getting right into it. Immediately the themes are exactly as they described to us. The bass track in this song is excellent and gives the song a whole layer of definition. The vocals throughout the track, we felt, didn’t appear to fit the track or the key which the song was in but over the course of the track it actually held up alright. The guitar at the start of this track consists of your average acoustic parts but, in a pleasant surprise, picks up as it transforms into a decent electric guitar sound. There’s a good part towards the end of the track where we think it must have been a guitar solo of some variety and it sounds like the guitarist used a good guitar pedal to produce that sound – we could be wrong however… but it definitely sounds like that! The drums hold up pretty well throughout the entire track.

As we stated before, the lyrics definitely hit the mark and doesn’t hold back. We think that the message behind the lyrics are truly profound and it is definitely a good message when you’re writing this kind of song – top marks to Lucy Leave!

So the aesthetic of the music video is pretty “back-to-basics” – which is good, because we feel with this kind of song, less is certainly more. We like the idea of the band members mimicking playing their instruments and taking us on a trip for their shopping of asparagus to hit (what we think) is a caricature of Jacob Rees-Mogg… it’s this kind of humour that adds charm to the video and makes for an enjoyable viewing experience. It’s also a nice touch that they’ve got the lyrics on the video as well.

Overall “Hang Out With Now” is a good track. If anything it’s worth it for the killer bass line (at approx 0:54). It’s mixed really well and the music video is worth anyone’s time. Lucy Leave definitely has a niche sound and we wish them all the best.

A big thank you to Lucy Leave for sending this over to us!

“Hang Out With Now” was released as part of Lucy Leave’s album “Look//Listen” on April 27th 2018 – you can listen to the album on Bandcamp. You can also follow Lucy Leave on Facebook, Twitter and by visiting their website.

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