Review: “Obvious” by Sage Hammond

Given the erratic nature of the music world it is hard for us to keep a consistent flow of news and reviews however, when a track like “Obvious” comes along it inspires us to get our critic heads on. Released on December 27th of last year, the track has managed to rack up an eyebrow raising 80,000+ plays on Spotify alone! The artist, Sage Hammond, is an American singer and at such an early stage of her career it is impressive to say the least. The song has made it onto quite a few of the USA’s Top 40 radio stations. Anyway without singing too many praises, on with the review!

Firstly, we really must point out the *ahem* obvious… Sage’s voice is incredible. The song begins with a few seconds of keyboards before Sage starts to sing. The lyrics of this song are that of frustration at a loved one who does not appear to reciprocate the live given out or perhaps does not understand how much she loves them or indeed if she does at all. It is these powerful lyrics that indeed carries the whole song.

As the song carries on there is more and more passion being conveyed. The harmonies laid down by Sage expresses a range of emotion that makes us really feel connected to the story she is telling. The music of the track is just fantastic, not too over-the-top as is common with most Top 40 songs out there at the moment. Sage has managed to find the Goldilocks formula for this song which guarantees a level of accessibility which is certain to win over the most stubborn of music lovers or indeed the most loyal listeners to other genres.

“Obvious” feels like the start of  a very long and successful career and we can’t wait to see what happens next for Sage! If there was any song we’d recommend to start your year off right, this is it.

We would like to thank Sage for her work on this fantastic track and also her mother, Jill, for sending this over to us.

“Obvious” by Sage Hammond was released on December 27th 2018 and is available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. You can keep up to date with Sage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website.

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