Review: “Nevada Sun” by Joseph Patrick Moore

Last month, bass extraordinaire Joseph Patrick Moore released his twelfth studio release titled “Nevada Sun”.  JPM is a world renowned musician who has previously played with world class musicians such as Derek Trucks, Bo Bice and Stewart Copeland (just to name a few). With this release, Joseph played/arranged everything on this album, which is a brave endeavour for any musician – did it pay off? That would be telling, take a look below to see what we thought about this release!

We would like to start this by thanking Blue Canoe Records for sending this over to us for consideration.

1. “Nevada Sun”

The song starts off with some nice chord phrasings which really sets the album off to a good start. Following this there is a fantastic groove that Joseph lays down on the bass. This really wastes no time in demonstrating his great prowess as a musician. At about 1:33 there’s a really soulful melody that is sure to send shivers down your spine before going back into the groove. The beat and backing vocals set a nice foundation for this composition which makes for an overall nice listening experience, as does the guitar parts. The ending with the vocals is also a very nice touch too!

2. “Movement of Light”

Keeping up with the funky vibe already laid down. A subtle latin feel really adds to this, giving it a distinct character that will impress anyone who is fortunate enough to come across this. At around 1:40 there’s a really nice flow that is then followed by an ever impressive array of phrasing with the licks that Joseph very cleverly put in. The keyboards really build up the impact of all the parts in the song which is really nice. The abrupt ending leaves us wanting more, and there is! Good stuff.

3. “Iraqi Peace Song”

This one hits ya heavy, with the Middle Eastern vibes and tone which still has Joseph’s signature groovy style making the bones to this track. Once again, we really have to compliment the vocals and keyboards which lay down a good ambience. At around 2 minutes into the track there’s a very soulful wind-down which definitely takes you along this musical journey.

4. “Issa”

Starting off with the keys, this soon reveals itself to be Joseph’s take on modern pop. However, this has a distinctive style that really sets it apart from everything else. His bass technique shines through this track, as does his songwriting capabilities. This is a fantastic track with plenty of feel good vibes with a good ending to get you set up for your day.

5. “Remind Me”

A real funky start to this track, with great keyboard accompaniments that gives it a real depth. Very impressed with the vibe of this song. Just after a minute into this, the keyboard goodness continues. Melodies keep coming at you and one can’t help feeling like you want them to stay but then more come just when you start to get comfortable. Nothing but sweet satisfaction.  If anyone reading this wants to get their friends into Joseph’s style of music – this is definitely the track to send!

6. “Fearless”

Strong start with the keys to this song. There is a really good groove that lets this tune flow. The fantastic bass lines that are complimented with the keyboards including little breaks in between the sections that make you brace for impact. Tasty licks keep coming from the bass track. If ever there was a feel good track that really hits the spot, this is it! Bravo, Joseph.

7. “Bohemia After Dark”

The song title really fits with the vibe of this one. The track’s overall groove and flow really paints a picture in anyone’s mind.  It definitely has a sound for when you’re heading out on the town. There’s a cool wind-down at 3 minutes in that’ll leave you headbanging for days. Incredible stuff…

8. “Magnetic”

“Mmm…” is the first thought that came into mind as soon as this track started. Resolved tensions done to perfection in this song. Really have to compliment Joseph’s skills in composition at this point because everything about this track is stellar at the very least. So much going on that feels just so right.

9. “Happy Girl”

Good flow from the get go – with Joseph doing some vocals! Sounds great. Not in your average sense of the word song, he really ups the game here. They add a good element to this fantastic composition. A bit like an audible cherry on top of a musical sundae. A very sweet tune, great lyrics with great bass solos to compliment them!

10. “Two Minute Takedown”

Typically it can go either way when you have a short song, it could be too much or too little. Joseph has created the Goldilocks short tune. The part of this that really draws you in is definitely the incredible sound of the keyboards in this. There’s also a good little vocal part in the middle that really creates a fantastic mood.

11. “Spiritual”

As soon as this track starts, you know it’s the end of the album – say it ain’t so Joe! The cello in this track is a great touch, played with great confidence and clarity. There’s also some organs being played too! This track certainly has everything you’d want to end such a great album.

Recording an album by yourself is not something most musicians can pull off, seldom few do. Initial thoughts has us thinking of Dave Grohl recording all the parts for the first Foo Fighters album. But it is safe to say that Joseph Patrick Moore has pulled it off. Such a killer album with songs that fit anyone’s playlists.

Big thank you once again to Blue Canoe Records for sending this over to us, we certainly enjoyed the release and can’t wait to hear what happens next!

“Nevada Sun” by Joseph Patrick Moore was released on April 24th 2019 via Blue Canoe Records on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and more!

You can follow JPM on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow Blue Canoe Records on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Keep up to date with them by visiting JPM’s site and Blue Canoe Records’ official website!

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