Review: “Not The One” by Suga Berlyn

Suga Berlyn is a vocalist from Houston, Texas (according to her SoundCloud profile). On March 8th this year she released her latest single “Not The One”, her second release on Spotify.  It is a strong release with all the hallmarks of typical songs from this genre, but what sets it apart from the others? Let’s find out!

This track is a short musical adventure, running at just shy of three minutes (2:52 to be specific). Perfect for radio airplay which the song deserves. It has what we can only describe as a cheeky intro – the way it begins would make any listener think it was going a certain direction, but no! It pays off very well, instantly exposing us to Suga Berlyn’s fantastic vocals. The instrumentals in this track are pretty standard for this genre.

The track overall is a good pop standard but what Suga has is a clear personality throughout the song that makes it a great listening experience, a definite connection felt between the artist and the listener. It’s a very difficult thing to accomplish, other artists have tried and failed but here we have lyrics that leave no doubt that Suga Berlyn is someone who is strong and independent. Straight up well deserved confidence in every word sung.

Worth a spot in anyone’s playlist! We can’t wait to see what’s next for Suga Berlyn.

“Not The One” by Suga Berlyn was released on March 8th on Spotify and YouTube, you can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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