Review: “The Color Of” by R.W. Roldan

Born in New Jersey and raised out West. R.W. Roldan is an alt-country singer/songwriter with influences such as Elvis, Johnny Cash and so much more! On October 11th 2018 he released “The Color Of”, a thought provoking single. What did we think of it? Well here goes!

The track begins just about as you’d expect wasting no time with a cool acoustic sound and vocals following not too long after. The lyrics themselves are deep and very thought provoking, the whole tone is set to open your eyes and really wake you up to what’s going on in America today. Bravo RW! We like the way that it builds up with calm percussion and great backing vocals on the chorus. There’s also a really nice touch with the blend of acoustic and electric guitar tones, it really brings to the attention of the listen the vibe. A really well put together song, plus a great music video!

We can’t wait to hear more!

“The Color Of” was released by R.W. Roldan on October 11th 2018. You can listen to it on YouTube. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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