Review: “Why Stop Now” EP by Chand K Nova

Not much is known about Chand K Nova, a quick glance at his Facebook will tell you that he is from London. He has an impressive following on Instagram with a good variety of content. On August 6th 2019 he released his instrumental EP “Why Stop Now”, which according to his SoundCloud is going to be released on August 18th of this year. Seems like we got it early! What do we think of it? Here goes!

The EP contains 5 tracks. The first of which begins with a very interesting bass line. What follows is a chaotic mix of sounds, such a wide blend of tones makes it hard to concentrate on what is meant to be going on here. The drums sound computer generated. Much of the same follows through this entire release and it is a very ambitious project to say the least. What would have served better is phrasing for the guitar solos, clearer sections, instruments to be tuned and perhaps more personnel involvement with the production. We can hear the potential but it’s borderline painful to listen to if we are being honest here. We appreciate the effort that Chand K Nova put into this, although not entirely scathing we did find “Beings” a somewhat enjoyable experience. However there is just too much that needs working on with this release.

“Why Stop Now E.P.” by Chand K Nova was kind-of released on August 6th 2019 but is set for release on the 18th… anyway you can listen to it on SoundCloud.  You can also follow Chand K Nova on Instagram.

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