REVIEW: “Gemini” by Pistol For Ringo

Before we start we would just like to point out that the band doesn’t hold anything against Ringo Starr. The band is a five piece originating from LA consisting of Steve Arm, Brian Murphy, Shane Smith, Ben Arnold and Matty Muir. On May 17th they released their latest EP “Kings of Bad Behavior” . The release begins with the track “Gemini”. What did we think of the track? Let’s find out!

Official Music Video

On the face of it, the song is a really well put together piece of music. Makes for a really great listening experience, anyone with sense can tell that the band really put a great deal of effort behind it. The mix is fantastic. It’s indie sure, but it stands out.

The lyrics are bittersweet but they tell a great story with enough grit to make it likeable. The singer’s vocals are on point too, he really works well with the rest of the band and we think that’s what makes this track great. Another great point about this track is the way it takes you on a musical journey, building up and taking off, this definitely adds ambience and paints the picture of what this song is about. It’s also nice that each individual member of the band adds their own characteristic to the track, congratulations to Pistol for Ringo for showing us how it’s done! The music video (see above) is great too, done with such class and professionalism.

Overall, we love this track – it’s really well executed and worth a place on anyone’s playlist!

“Gemini” by Pistol For Ringo was released as part of the EP “Kings of Bad Behavior” on May 17th 2019. You can listen to it on Spotify and YouTube. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and their ReverbNation Page!

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