NEWS: Ross Reverie and Emily Pellatt Collaborate On New Track “Sunshine”

Earlier this month, Ross Reverie and Emily Pellatt collaborated to bring us their new track “Sunshine”. Released on September 7th, the track is now available on YouTube. Read more on this below!

The roots of this collaboration came about following talks between the two artists following a gig in Woolston, UK. They found a beat and the rest fell into place soon after. The track features shining examples of both Emily and Ross’ talents. Not to be missed!

Emily Pellatt is a singer/songwriter based in Southampton, UK. She is a regular in the jam scene in the city. You can find out more about the jams in the city by listening to this podcast episode. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Ross Reverie is an artist also based in Southampton, UK. Previously he wrote tracks with bands before going acoustic and then finally becoming a prominent artist in the Rap/Hip-Hop community. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

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