REVIEW: “Cry Me a River” by The Pierce Project

The Pierce Project is a group which has a unique selling point, they’re all family. Consisting of siblings Jimmy, Luke and Nick Pierce alongside their father Joe, they put together a lengthy 24-track album called “The Last Days of Summer” which was released on August 21st 2019. This album also included daughter/sister Jessica Pierce, laying down some vocals. For this review, we will be listening to their track “Cry Me a River”, the ninth track off this album.

The track kicks off with a very familiar chord progression, which reminds us of Lou Reed’s track “Walk on the Wild Side“. However it’s still a nice touch. We can tell from the way it’s been mixed that they were attempting a sort of “old timey” sound before moving to the actual sound. The vocals sound somewhat of a nod to the Beach Boys, which works but at times they do sound flat. Though it must be said the rhyming of the lyrics are tiresome and do sound like they’re grasping for straws. It’s hard to grasp what the theme of the song, but we think it has something to do with either someone wasting their life or telling someone who did one of them wrong.

The drums sound decent, however we have the feeling that they were either done by way of an electric kit or programmed. They tend to stand out alone. The bass gets lost in the mix just before the first verse comes in as it seems to be overshadowed by one acoustic track panned to the left. We reckon the old saying “less is more” rings true here. The Pierces would have been better served by having just the other acoustic (panned right) a bit more prominent in the mix. The Piano/Organ blend is really cool and lays a good foundation to the track. At the end of the track is a number of clicks from where we imagine the stems finished recording.

While it true this track has a few rough edges, overall it is a good endeavour and starting point for The Pierce Project. They’ve got plenty of material out there now and according to their Spotify page, more is on the way!

“Cry Me a River” by The Pierce Project was released on August 21st 2019 as part of their album “The Last Days of Summer”. You can listen to the album on Spotify. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and their website.

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