REVIEW: “LoverFriend” by Rosalyn

Rosalyn is an indie band out of Bangkok, Thailand. On August 1st 2019, they released their debut single “LoverFriend”. Taking inspiration from bands such as Tame Impala, Rhye and The Whitest Boy Alive, the band seeks to add their own take on the genre – but how did they fare? Let’s find out!

The song is an attention grabber from the get-go, the guitar at the start just sounds killer and maintains this throughout the entire track. The drums sound on point too, along with the bass that sticks right to the pocket. These guys aren’t messing around! The addition of the synth too not only sounds great but also adds so much to this track. What Rosalyn does really well here is to take influence from the previously mentioned bands, not directly copying. These folks have their own take here. Not just with Tame Impala et al, but also adding a modern Floyd-esque sound too.

Normally you’d expect there to be a guitar solo, but no – there’s a mini key solo which actually fits really well as a sort of comedown. This happens right before it picks back up again. The vocals throughout this track never fail to impress. Honestly? We can’t fault this track, not that’d we’d want to! The mix is superb.

Overall, the track is sets the bar pretty high. Not many bands start off their career with such a top quality track and we very much look forward to hearing what they do next!

“LoverFriend” by Rosalyn was released on August 1st 2019, you can listen to it on YouTube and Spotify. You can also follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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