REVIEW: “Hold On” by Fallingfree.

Fallingfree. is a four piece band from Morecambe, UK. On November 6th 2019 they released two new singles, one of these was their track “Hold On”. What did we think of it? Let’s find out!

Official Music Video (via YouTube)

The track doesn’t hold back right from the get go. There band straight in with a fantastic energy and beautifully crafted melodic guitar work. The track works very well in that it throws back to pop-punk from the previous decade, but with a modern twist. The panning of the vocals too are a nice touch, adding much to the ambience of the track. This track is excellent, the band sounds really tight and there are moments within it that anyone would enjoy.

With regards to the mix, it sounds super professional and really well polished while retaining a raw feel. There are no elements that go unnoticed, just take the time to listen as we did and hear everything come through.

Overall, a really strong release from Fallingfree. We really look forward to hearing more from them!

“Hold On” by Fallingfree was released on November 6th 2019. You can listen to it on Spotify and watch the official music video on YouTube. You can also follow the band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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