ALBUM REVIEW: “Something New” by Gerry Cea

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gerry Cea moved to New York City in the mid 80s before moving to Miami, Florida in the early 90s. It was there that he founded, along with his family, the CafĂ© Prima Pasta restaurant. By the age of fifty, he had taken a great leap forward and decided to make moves in the music industry. The result of these moves is his 12 track album “Something New” released on August 2nd 2019. What did we think of it? Here goes!

When this album starts, it hits you with great soul. The first track “It’s Ok” has a great vibe and an excellent flow to the track. The slide guitar is an excellent addition, a rare inclusion in many releases these days. Many of the tracks from this album have the same kind of feel and theme, which is good because it shows a level of consistency and doesn’t leave listeners confused as to what the artist is trying to say. The third track “Sad to Say Goodbye” is a great example of the production value of this album, killer vocal harmonies and guitar licks that add just that little bit extra that makes these tracks so memorable. The track “I Got News for You” ever so slightly breaks the mould adding a bit of a punch to the album. The guitar solo has got that classic “Strat” sound.

Something else that is seldom heard these days is the use of piano in a more prominent setting than just simply chords. However there are times when there are two instruments soloing at the same time, one such an example is towards the end of the first track “It’s Ok”. This practice can sometimes provide stellar results if done correctly, in this instance there is that attempt (that’s for sure) but at times it falls flat and sounds slightly chaotic.

Overall, the album is a solid release. Most has been done to perfection, the mix sounds great and it’s a very professional sounding release. There are many tracks here that would definitely fit many playlists. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before Gerry Cea hits the mainstream.

“Something New” by Gerry Cea was released on August 2nd 2019. You can listen to the album on Spotify and Bandcamp. You can watch the official music video for the titular track on YouTube. You can also follow Gerry on Instagram.

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