REVIEW: “The Last Christmas Drink” by Ben Sheers

It’s that time of year again, where some artists are releasing their own festive tunes. On November 17th 2019, Ben Sheers released his latest single “The Last Christmas Drink”. What did we think of it? Here goes!

The track doesn’t waste any time in getting started, there is the classic Christmas sleigh bells sound that lays right in the back of the track throughout. However the one element that stands out for us is the really nice guitar tone, either a twelve-string or a chorus pedal – either way, it’s a really nice touch and really makes this a very nice listening experience. Ben’s vocals fit the track very well, the layers of vocals provide a superb soundscape at certain points throughout the track.

The picture the lyrics paint is pretty much what you’d expect from a Christmas track. However we felt the song has its own distinct charm, almost like Ben’s your pal at the bar saying “hey folks, the last drink is on me”. Overall, the mix provides a nice, chill vibe making for a pleasant listening experience that is almost guaranteed to put you in the festive mood!

“The Last Christmas Drink” by Ben Sheers was released on November 17th 2019, you can listen to it on Spotify and YouTube. You can also follow Ben on YouTube.

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