REVIEW: “Neon” by Pet Robot

Pet Robot was formed in 2017, the Brooklyn band consists of Nathan Lacy, Sam Phelps, Ray Clark and Dwayne Bush. Each providing their own influences culminating in their unique “Indie Disco Rock” sound. On November 22nd 2019, they released their latest single “Neon”. What did we think of it? Here goes!

The track begins with a sort of lo-fi track, before shortly hitting you with the full weight of the band. A strong start indeed and gives you a clear idea of what to expect from Pet Robot. The track is groovy, there’s no doubt. The way the singer approaches this song seems to be at odds with the track’s groove, or so you may think initially – but it works.

Throughout the song there is much to be admired, there is very carefully placed keyboards right at the back of the mix providing for a much welcomed base for the band’s sound to build on – with great effect! Little licks here and there from the guitar really pay off throughout the track and sits very well alongside the bass’ tight groove. Indeed, the whole band works together clearly.

Overall, a great song for devoted fans of any sort of Indie. Job well done Pet Robot!

“Neon” by Pet Robot was released on November 22nd 2019, you can listen to it on Spotify. You can also follow Pet Robot on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and be sure to visit their official website!

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