FEATURE: “Weaponry” by Djiggie Incognito

Djiggie Incognito’s life in music has been quite a story. According to his Spotify bio “Djiggie Incognito was born in a cave constructed of pure alabaster stone and earthen mortar. At the age of 7 he was given his first instrument, a parlor-era banjo with a missing string. In 3 years, Djiggie mastered banjo and proceeded to play daily on his parents stoop, outside of the cave made of alabaster stone and earthen mortar. Drawing crowds daily, Djiggie began to garner local media attention.

One day while playing on the stoop Djiggie was recruited by a travelling caravan of south Polynesian yodelers. The yodelers promised Djiggie a life full of adventure and excitement. Djiggie agreed to travel with the yodelers and accompany them while they yodeled playing different backing tracks on his banjo.

It was through his travels in the South Polynesian yodeling caravan that Djiggie landed in Washington D.C. where he began to dabble in acoustic guitar and song-writing. Drawing on inspirations that range from Jack Johnson to the Notorious B.I.G. – Djiggie began crafting demos in his apartment.

Today, Djiggie continues to create. He has said in the past “To create, is to be made, is to be alive.””

On December 8th he released his album “Old Movies” which contains the track “Weaponry”. The track itself is a standout classic from the album which won’t leave listeners disappointed!

There’ll be much more to come from Djiggie, we’re sure of it!

You can listen to the track on Spotify and YouTube. Be sure to follow Djiggie on Twitter!

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