September 29, 2020

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FEATURE: “Proper Propagander” by Atomic Rebel

Check out "Proper Propagander" by Atomic Rebel!

Atomic Rebel is an EDM artist, with a twist. Making their debut on January 11th, 2020 – they are already making waves with over 20,000 monthly listeners and almost 1,200 followers on Spotify alone.

According to their bio on Spotify:

“Atomic Rebel represents a fusion of genres along with experimental songs all within the EDM Blanket.

The music may edge into other genres, romance with it and draw it into the process to create an evolving wall of sound.”

The release in question is their debut EP “Proper Propagander”. The two most popular tracks being “Sour Candy” and “Piranhas in the Waterfall” reaching 13,696 and 13,572 streams respectively.

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