FEATURE: “Truth” by Dubgee

Coming right outta Vancouver is Dubgee. Who is Dubgee, you may ask? Well he is a rapper, beatmaker, producer, record label owner (Beast Van Records), supervillain (as Doug Tree), hustler, band member and “VR implementer” – this is just the list we got from his social media accounts but nonetheless it would look good on LinkedIn, that’s for sure!

Now, on June 7th 2019. Dubgee released his debut album “Truth”. An eclectic mix of sounds and different stylings all the while returning to rap. It is always an impressive feat releasing an album, when done properly – which has been done in this case.

The rhymes and bars don’t feel forced. It may very well be the case that Dubgee spent a lot of time thinking it out (we certainly couldn’t do it). However, as the tracks roll on – you get what Dubgee was trying to say. The instrumental track “Coffee and C.R.E.A.M.” is a nice break all the while pertaining to the same groove that keeps this album alive, though we wish it was longer.

Looking at the stats, the fifth track of the album “Gotta” has proven to be the most popular on Spotify with almost eight-thousand streams! Followed in second by “Truth” at six-and-a-half thousand streams and trailing in third is “Lunch Break” with a little over a thousand streams. Clearly there’s something here and we hear it with every track that passes on this album, you know that Dubgee has got something.

Overall, it’s a solid release. Though, this is something that we feel would primarily sit better with rap fans as a whole. The instrumental track kinda breaks from it but if Dubgee’s goal is to reach a wider audience than the over-saturated Rap market, more of that may do well to reach new audiences. We don’t have the answers, but we can think of a couple of questions.

Listen to Dubgee’s album “Truth” on Spotify. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and visit his label’s official website!

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