September 30, 2020

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FEATURE: “Too Lit To Quit” by Justice Soul

Check out Justice Soul's track "Too Lit To Quit"!

In January 2020 – pop artist, Justice Soul released his latest track “Too Lit To Quit”. According to the artist, the song is a commentary of how modern culture has been consumed by social media. From “fronting”, entitlement to fake images – we are all victims in Justice Soul’s eyes. As he puts it “thrown in blind from the dial up days”. Whatever your perspective, he has a point.

Produced by Bobby Crane, the track is an eclectic mix of sonic scapes that makes for an interesting listening experience. You can hear the previously mentioned themes raised throughout the entire track. Often themes like this are bravely approached by many artists and too frequently they fall flat, the common cause is they try and fit too many lyrics to make a point. Justice Soul nails it, the lyrics flow well with the melody and nothing feels out of place while listening to it.

We’d be surprised if this wasn’t charting over the next few months! This is definitely alternative, but not by much. If you’re looking for an ear worm, you’ve got it with “Too Lit To Quit”

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