Review: “Hidden Gems” by Frances Ancheta

Frances Ancheta is an artist from San Francisco, CA. To date, she has released three albums. Her debut album “Now We’re Here” was released on July 16th 2008, followed by “Patterns” on December 31st 2011. On January 15th 2020, almost a decade later, she released her latest album “Hidden Gems”.

The eleven track album begins with “Strong Brave Soul”, a decent start to this release with a catchy melody for the chorus. The album flows with the sort of acoustic, singer/songwriter vibe. The third track “Back Again (You Never Went Away) has a really nice chord progression that really grabs your attention. A really sweet “West Coast” sound for sure is present here.

Track five, “I Remember Your Face” is where the album appears to change course. A sound that can only be described as an audible nod to George Harrison’s later work. Really nice guitar tone on it too! The following track “The First to Make Me Smile” returns to the previous vibe, not a bad thing, a noticeable shift back to the more acoustic James Taylor-esque sounds.

The other tracks on this album sort of have the same kinda sound, which is what you typically would want from an artist. However, the final track has something special in store for you! Yes, there’s some synth! A really nice touch adding some textures to the track.

All in all, “Hidden Gems” is a good release. It seems like a well produced album, the mixes are decent and it sounds professionally done. For those of you looking for some nice chill tunes for your playlist, this is the album you want to check out! Nicely done Frances!

Be sure to check out Hidden Gems on Spotify and YouTube. Follow Frances Ancheta on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You can also visit her official website!

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