FEATURE: “Ice” by Nuell Martin

Nuell Martin is an artist based in Spain. This year he released his debut EP “Ice” on January 7th 2020.

The six track release is full of sonic variety that may leave you wondering if this is actually a soundtrack to a series or film – well maybe not yet but there is definitely potential for this to be picked up since the quality is excellent. Everything here is mixed to perfection and really makes you feel like you are in some kind of film or series.

Tracks on this release provide an audible rollercoaster and “Hyperborea” is a good example of where this ride can go! The EP paints a picture from its many colours each track gives. While there are times when this release will grab your attention, Ice also presents the quiet and reflective beauty, a sense of excitement and awe that supersedes the loneliness of space.

So, music supervisors – take note! This release is great for those who want a more “spaced out” vibe for their playlists and those who are looking for tracks that really set the mood for whatever scene they’re trying to create. Nuell Martin really has done wonders with this release. Bravo.

You can listen to “Ice” by Nuell Martin on Bandcamp and Spotify! You can also follow Nuell Martin on Twitter.

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