FEATURE: “I Paid The Cost” by Forkkio

From Washington DC comes David Forkkio. An indie artist who goes by his last name. Forkkio made his debut with his single “Swing”, released on June 5th 2016. Three years later he released his self-titled first album.

Forkkio’s style comes from a fusion of indie and hip-hop. This is clear from the second track from his album “I Paid The Cost”. The short but sweet tune is less than two minutes long but he does so much within that time. Proving to us all that it is not the length that is important but rather the quality.

Indeed the whole album features tracks that very rarely hit over the two minute mark. What Forkkio has done with this release is to try and bridge the gap between hip-hop and indie fans, and we feel that time can only tell how successful that will be. For now though, the album as a whole is great and definitely worth listening to at the very least.

You can follow Forkkio on Instagram and be sure to check out “I Paid The Cost” on Spotify!

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