SLWLY is a studio project lead by Michael Babcock and Gabe Santillan. Fans of warm fuzzy synths, tube amps and love songs – their sound is guaranteed to get us movin’ and feel some things.

Their first release was in 2018 with their first EP “Love Letters Trilogy, Pt. I: Love, Slwly”. On March 3rd 2020, they released their second EP titled “Xoxo”.

“Xoxo” by SLWLY

True to their words, the release is just what you’d expect from the studio project. The fuzziest of warm synths and the most tubular of amps. This EP is choc full of retro stylings with a modern twist. Tracks such as “Ripe” and “Sugar” will stick with you for days.

For those of you looking for some new tracks for your playlist – this is it!

Listen to “Xoxo” by SLWLY on Spotify. You can also follow them on Instagram!

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