FEATURE: “Time To Wake Up.” by James Toper

James Toper is an artist who’s been making music for almost a decade now (as of this writing). James drew inspiration from famous artists such as deadmau5, Avicii and Madeon. Over the years, he has been working tirelessly on his craft – evolving his sound all the way. On January 31st 2020, he released his first album titled “Time To Wake Up.”

The ten track album boasts an eclectic mix of sounds and stylings with themes from James’ adolescence. This is certainly a personally driven endeavour with many subjects including the ever classic love and relationships which we can all relate with in some way or another.

While this release is predominantly in the “EDM/Electronic” category, this feels like it could branch out into synth-pop. Casual listeners and hot-headed musos alike can really get behind this release. “Time To Wake Up.” is quite an achievement. If you’re a devoted listener to EDM-esque music you will most likely notice the influences in James’ music. Though when you really think about it, he doesn’t directly copy and that is a testament to James’ creativity when it comes to his own compositions.

You can listen to “Time To Wake Up.” on Spotify. You can also follow James Toper on Instagram.

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