FEATURE: “Borrowed From Our Children” by D’Anthoni Wooten

D’Anthoni Wooten is the company owner for “Melodic Vision Music” and composer currently based out of Los Angeles. According to Spotify, his first work was collaborating with a number of artists on the album “Unity Is Key” by Dstnt Drms. In 2019, he released a single titled “Hold True” which also featured Mina Kitajima. That year, he also released his own album “Spaces”.

In 2020, D’Anthoni worked with film director Leon Oldstrong on a UK based project titled “Borrowed From Our Children”. D’Anthoni composed and performed piano on the film’s soundtrack along with other musicians. The film’s soundtrack is now available as an EP on Spotify with such tracks as “Pearl Grey” and “Borrowed From Our Children”. The latter also features again on the release as just the piano arrangement.

The short film, “Borrowed From Our Children” features as part of “The Uncertain Kingdom – Vol 1”. You can find out more about the film by visiting this link.

Be sure to check out “Borrowed From Our Children (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” by D’Anthoni Wooten on Spotify.

Follow D’Anthoni on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and visit Melodic Vision Music’s official website.

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