News: Reverse Mechanic To Debut New Single From UpComing Album

Reverse Mechanic is an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formerly a published poet, he’s now a hip-hop artist. Previously he has released six singles and one album titled “The Mixed Ape”. On May 21st 2020 he will be releasing his new album “Best Proposal Ever” but before that he will be releasing a single from it titled “Head In The Clouds” on April 10th 2020.

In, what must be described as, the most adventurous proposal idea we’ve ever heard of. Reverse Mechanic throws everything he’s got at this project. The romantic rollercoaster ride is split into eight tracks, according to his website they “…were initially unveiled piece by piece to the woman who inspired them”.

The track “Head In The Clouds” boasts a indie/rap fusion which is set to captivate listeners as they embark on the sonic journey. There’s some cool little hooks that Reverse Mechanic threw in there. If the rest of the album follows this method, it’s set to be a great release. This is certainly a trip you wanna ride shotgun on!

On his website, Reverse Mechanic says part of this release includes “a 12-hour extravaganza of ridiculous stunts and over the top gestures – (Think limo rides, a horse & carriage, rented out dance studio where they first met, surprise acoustic song unveiled live at their first date location, 300 flowers and 5,000 rose petals, a rented out theater for a private red carpet screening of a professionally produced and personalized movie, special gifts, etc.). A behind the scenes crew with a lead videographer took painstaking efforts to facilitate and document the day.”

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“Head In The Clouds” will be released on April 10th 2020, and the album “Best Proposal Ever” will be released on May 21st 2020 – follow Reverse Mechanic on Spotify so you don’t miss out!

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