FEATURE: “Here We Go Lifting” by Jack McKeever

According to his Spotify page, Jack McKeever is an artist who is currently based out of South-East London. Previously Jack spent time in New York City in a studio called “The Maid’s Room“. Presently, he is gathering his old songs and records which, in time, will be re-released digitally.

On February 27th 2020, Jack released a single titled “Here We Go Lifting”. The track also features artists Bill Dobrow, Cameron Greider, Dom Richards and Joan Wasser. According to Jack’s website, the single will be part of his upcoming album “Super Eight The Bicycle Motion”. It is understood that the album will be released on vinyl and CDs, once everything in the world calms down.

So far, the track has received over three-and-a-half thousand streams on Spotify alone. This is a significant achievement for many indie artists and, with this being his first release on Spotify, provides a good foundation for the release of his upcoming album.

For fans of indie, trance and acoustic music – this is a track you certainly want to check out. The track overall is an excellently produced and superbly finished piece of music, it is clear from listening to it that Jack has certainly taken inspiration from many different artists before crafting it to produce his own signature sound. So for fans of other genres and stylings, you want to give this one a spin. You won’t regret it.

“Here We Go Lifting” by Jack McKeever is available now, you can listen to the track on Spotify and be sure to follow him as well – so you don’t miss his upcoming album’s release! Check out his official website here.

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