REVIEW: “Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven” by Blind Uncle Harry

Blind Uncle Harry is the performing stage name for Bloomington Indiana singer songwriter Chris ‘Harry’ Doran. Chris took the name Blind Uncle Harry from his actual great Uncle Harry, who was indeed blind. He was a fiddle player and sparked a life long appreciation of the power of one man and an instrument. Blind Uncle Harry is known for his comedy in his tracks including one titled “Uh Oh (Sounds Like Somebody Pissed Off Jesus”.

On March 27th 2020, Blind Uncle Harry released an album titled “The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry”. The track we’ll be focusing on in this review is titled “Hillbilly Hippie Haiku Heaven”. Once you get past that tongue twister, just watch/listen to the video below…

Finished? We’ll get started.

The original title of this review was going to be “What The Bloody Hell Was That?”. We can’t really tell what on earth is going on here. To be honest, I don’t think we were prepared for this audible slaughter. We are really not sure what the point of this track was, if it indeed was intended to be this much of a mess.

Upon our third listen through, one may think this is a criticism of ultra-conservatives within some areas of the USA. But even so, the lyrical narrative is about as clear as night. It is an incredibly difficult track to swallow. While a lot of the harmonies don’t line up most of the time, when they did one time, it worked. It really doesn’t sound mixed or mastered well, if the video is anything to go by – it sounds like it was created on a shoestring budget. This track does not even hit the “so bad it’s good” mark.

While we appreciate this may or may not be a damning criticism of ultra-conservatism (we still can’t really tell). It does not come across with any form of clarity and could have done with a producer’s involvement and other professionals to make this somewhat workable. We appreciate the fact that this must have taken some time to put together and release, but we’d be glad not to listen to this again.

You can listen to this track on Spotify. You can also follow Blind Uncle Harry on Facebook, Bandcamp and visit their official website here.

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