FEATURE: “Just Friends” – Versa the Band

Versa the Band is a music collective from Long Island, New York. The ambition of the group is to create “genreless music. March 13th 2020 marked the release of their latest single “Just Friends”.

The collective is currently made up of Ethan Felizzari, Ryan Brown, Jon Maybaum, Colton Lava and other artists, producers and engineers. A little over a month has passed since “Just Friends” came out and already the track has broken one thousand streams on Spotify alone!

“Just Friends” is currently Versa the Band’s most popular track on the platform and it’s easy to see why! The track contains many different elements providing a unique and excellent listening experience. With this release it’s audibly clear that the collective is determined to meet their goal of creating music that is devoid of genre – to a good standard.

Other releases in their discography are currently only singles, though we hope to hear a full length album from them at some point!

You can listen to “Just Friends” on Spotify. Follow Versa the Band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok!

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