Music by Gestalt is releasing a brand new album sometime in summer 2020, titled “Debussy’s Fawn”. This follows their first album’s release on January 1st 2020 “Schubert’s Pony”. The upcoming release is set to feature six tracks, the latter of which feature all three parts of “Rabbit in a Snowstorm”. Very exciting stuff!

“Think The Bad plus meets Debussy with a touch of Dawn of MIDI.” is how Music by Gestalt describes their sound. The album features Tim Johnson on piano, Miller Wrenn on bass, Ben Scanlan on drums, Shalini Vijayan on violin and Anthony Stornolio on concert bass drum. “Debussy’s Fawn” was engineered by Ian Stahl and produced by both Tim Johnson and Ian Stahl. With a lack of information around their history, Music by Gestalt is an audible mystery.

It’s a moment of honesty between musicians in a room. Opening with long, languid upright bass melodies; The Frog’s Song hops with interjections and invites an unexpected in-between of chaos, rhythm, and noise. Then into Church Music, a prog-rock bass concerto filled with fullness like flying over hills and grassy plains, tumbling into a distortion and fire, and returning to calm. Further we dive into Debussy’s Fawn: a winter storm brewing, a fawn in search of its mother, and an arrival in youthful jubilee. And finally, the snowstorm peaks in a three-part painting of a Rabbit in a Snowstorm. Featuring a violin that sings and screams throughout, it’s a bouncing expression and jam-interaction both precise and free; ever-changing to a joyous meeting of musicians in a room.

The band also said “You might call it jazz, progressive rock, or classical music, but in any case Music by Gestalt welcomes a large audience while still carving out a sound-world of it’s own.”

Well we certainly look forward to hearing “Debussy’s Fawn”, whenever it comes out in summer 2020. But for those of you who are as intrigued as we are, follow “Music by Gestalt” on Spotify, so you don’t miss the release! You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and visit their website.

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