Global music collective, Troppos Gang released their latest single “Nobody” on April 11th 2020.

For those unfamiliar with them, Troppos Gang is made up of various artists around the world. Some of which include DullaBills, $illy Gusti, Bigg a.k.a. Big Moe, StefLuda, Young Caspar and Ayew Lee. The group is mainly based in Italy, so their Spotify bio suggests.

“Nobody” is the group’s 8th single and twelfth overall release. They also have two album’s out “Unlimit” (2019) and “Vengo Dal Piano” (2018). According to Spotify, the latest release is their second most popular track behind Fragolina from their album “Unlimit”.

You can listen to “Nobody” by Troppos Gang on Spotify. Follow them on Instagram and YouTube!

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