January 17, 2021

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SIGNAL OMEGA – “Here With Me”

Check out Signal Omega's debut track "Here With Me"! Read more here...

It has been two months now since the release of “Here With Me” by Signal Omega. This was Signal Omega’s first release, at least according to Spotify.

Official music video

Signal Omega is an up-and-coming electronic artist from Florida. Prior to beginning this musical endeavour, he was a member for different bands both playing for them and singing. Signal Omega’s aim is to bring a new, dynamic way of performing electronic music.

Currently, “Here With Me” has achieved over ten-thousand streams on Spotify. At the moment he also boasts almost two-thousand listeners per month on the platform. It’s clear to hear why, “Here With Me” is a beautifully written piece of music that, whether or not you’re a fan of pop or electronic music, you’ll find to be a worthwhile listening experience.

You can listen to “Here With Me” by Signal Omega on Spotify. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram!

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