Karan Master

In these times, musicians are hard at work doing what they do best. However, for this featured artist – he works hard all the time, regardless of the current global situation! Karan Master is a guitarist and vocalist based out of Southampton, UK. On April 10th 2020, he released his debut solo track “Secrets”.

‘Secrets’ debuts Karan Master’s unique guitar driven and genre fusing style. The track combines both ambience with groove building to an anthemic chorus. The guitar solo explodes and the final moments build before dissipating to a single vocal and guitar which symbolises the new self production element to Karan’s journey. Lyrically exploring an introspective journey of peaking behind the curtain, ’Secrets’ displays a narrative of doubt. It tells a story of being mislead and how discovering secrets you desire can warp your perspective forever.

Secrets by Karan Master (Official Audio)

For those previously unfamiliar with Karan, he started off as a guitarist and backing vocalist for hire in 2016. Karan Master began to hone his skills and sound playing for various bands and artists. Working in between and across genres, Karan began developing his distinct style which combined the melodic heart of emo/pop punk with rhythmic grooves and elements inspired by funk and neo-soul. Fronting his own band The fortySix, refined the ‘neo-emo soul’ sound as they played across the UK. Developing on this, this release showcases his first self-produced endeavour to great effect.

‘Secrets’ by Karan Master is available now on Spotify. Follow Karan on Twitter and Instagram!

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