ENDURE – “Stronger Than Hate”

ENDURE is an artist project based in Los Angeles, CA. It was founded by Jay Denton and they are working to release a three part album series titled “For Home” between March and May 2020, with a full deluxe version available on June 12th 2020. This feature focuses on a particular track from Chapter 2 of “For Home”, namely “Stronger Than Hate” which also features Mizgin Khalil.

The story behind the production of “Stronger Than Hate” begins with Jay’s travels around the world to countries affected by conflict. Jay was in Beirut when he met Mizgin, a Syrian displaced from the war. Together, they wrote this track about her overcoming the obstacles of the conflict and the issue of being a refugee in a country that is not very friendly to refugees.

“Stronger Than Hate” is a powerful reminder of the human impact that war can have on everyone involved and it is truly a powerful work of art that makes us all stop and think. A magnificent and sober experience to listen to.

We here at Call That Music? would like to thank Mizgin for her courage to tell her story and to Jay for shining a light on this and for all the work he does.

Listen to “Stronger Than Hate” by ENDURE on Spotify. You can follow ENDURE on Facebook, Instagram and visit their official site. Follow Jay on Facebook and Instagram.

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