NEWS: Paul Haas Set To Release Debut Album

Singer-songwriter Paul Haas is set to release his debut album “Long, Long Time” on June 26th, 2020.

“DROVE ALL NIGHT, WATCHED THE SUN COME UP” These words, sung by 65-year-old Paul Haas pour out of the stereo speakers like midnight waves crashing on the coastline of his native California state. It’s also a metaphor of this brave man’s artistic journey. Like most pilgrimages, the making of his debut album LONG, LONG TIME is ultimately a story of redemption and salvation. With a richness that only time, wisdom and pain can provide, Paul Haas’ new album provides a playlist for what it means to be human: joy, sadness, love, loss, exuberance, confusion, and hope with a couple of beers and shots thrown in to wash it all down.

A bonafide true son of California (4th generation, still living in his hometown of Covina, CA), Paul wrote songs in his bedroom at night for 35 years and dreamed of being an artist while being a single parent and working in the trucking industry before making his first ever recording in the winter of 2019.

Proudly and unabashedly carrying the musical DNA of his generation, you can clearly hear his influences: the romance of country crooner George Jones, the Americana grit of Waylon Jennings, the Grand Ole Opry simplicity of Hank Williams, the bluegrass moan of Bill Monroe, the Western swing charm of Bob Wills, the emotional purity of Buddy Holly, and the Zen haiku minimalism of the late, great J.J. Cale.

A lot of songwriters claim these influences, fair enough, but Paul has something that sets his work apart: the complete inability to be anything but himself, incapable or unwilling to mimic, copy or follow. This is how iconic and timeless art is created.

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