Black Note Graffiti releases NEW SINGLE

Black Note Graffiti have released a brand new single titled “Inch X Inch”. This is the band’s second single off their upcoming album “Volume III Fall/Rise”.

Black Note Graffiti is made up of Gabrielle Bryant (vocals/keys), Kris Keller (guitar/vocals), Kurt Keller (drums), Ricardo Ortiz (vocals/ guitar) and Adam Nine (bass). We previously covered them in an article which you can read here.

Speaking of the release – Bryant says, “Inch X Inch focuses on the toxicity that steams from relationships we build with those that lead us nowhere. This song is a call to action to take a hold of life in the midst of the storm while enlightening your self worth.”

“Inch X Inch” was produced by producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios.

Listen to “Inch X Inch” by Black Note Graffiti on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and be sure to visit their official site!

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