“Camaro” by The Tristones

The Tristones are a band with their roots in Toronto, Canada. The main component of every variation of this band has been Tristan Clark. On February 14th 2020, “Camaro” by The Tristones was released. In this review we’ll be taking a look at the single and a bit more about the band and their history, for context.

The first incarnation of The Tristones had their first release way back in 2012 in the form of their album “Donkey”. Following this, Tristan left Toronto for New York City, USA – some time in 2014. While there, Tristan reformed The Tristones with featured players Gregory Jones (on bass) and Adam Jackson (on drums), continuing his signature blend of rock, blues, funk and jazz influences. The Tristones have been pleasing crowds for the last year and half with a monthly residency at NYC’s Groove among other venues.

“Camaro” by The Tristones is a testament to Tristan’s influences. One could describe it as a Steely Dan-esque revival of sound but when you delve into it, “Camaro” is so much more than that. The track is a well-produced masterpiece, blending together all these styles in a fusion that cuts through right to the modern age.

The subject matter for “Camaro” is pretty clever, it’s essentially a love song for a car. Whatever your thoughts of the tongue-in-cheek context of the lyrics, it’s done with great effect. “I wanna be inside you, but I know that you’re not for sale”.

There is never a dull moment in the entire run-time of the track. Little licks here and there will grab your attention. Our favourite part of this track is certainly the guitar solo, such great phrasing and great tone that fits this track like a glove.

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