Myriad are an Indie Pop-Rock band based in Southampton. The four-piece band is made up of David Littleton, OJ Serrano, Jared Brant and August Fox. After a string of releases played on BBC Introducing Solent, Myriad played a set of successful shows throughout 2019 across the South coast, Hampshire and London.

Their newest single “I Walk” has been featured at Voice FM’s ‘Homegrown Hit’ for 2 weeks. Myriad have many more plans for the end of 2020, including even bigger shows, confirmed festivals and brand new projects. The release of “I Walk” is part of the band’s wider campaign to raise awareness about mental health.

This song is about lead singer David’s battle with coming to terms with the loss of his primary school head teacher through suicide.

Lead singer David Littleton explained the song in-depth on Myriad’s social media:

“I Walk is about a teacher I had at my primary school. He was an extremely kind, caring and compassionate man.

When I was at the age of about 4 or 5, before I had even picked up a musical instrument, he was the very first person to suggest to my parents that I might have some kind of musical talent.

He said that I should listen to every style of music out there, so I did. He also recommended that I learn a few musical instruments along the way.
One day he wasn’t at school though, and I didn’t really understand why at the time.

I’ll always miss the way he would play guitar in assemblies whilst we sang along to songs on the projector. I think this song is a way of making things feel a little better.”

Over the upcoming weeks, Myriad will be focusing their efforts to raise as much money as possible for Solent Mind (a mental health charity). They will be doing this through their JustGiving page.

“I Walk” by Myriad was released on April 17th, 2020 – it’s available now on all platforms including YouTube and Spotify. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to visit their official website!

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