Going To The Sun is a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The four-piece indie pop/rock band released their first album in six years. Titled “Love Letters From The Western Gate”, the album is set to impress fans both old and new.

Life rarely draws paths in straight lines. For Montana-raised, Minneapolis-braised Going To The Sun, the journey has been as twisted as it has been beautiful.

Going To The Sun is the result of small mountain-town upbringing and two decades of exposure to the vast musical culture of the Twin Cities. Their music is powerful and intimate, diving into the concepts of loss and grief, and emerging with sense of hope and purpose that everyone can get behind.

Following his time in his previous band Down And Above, lead singer / multi-instrumentalist David Young took a journey along a new musical path when, sadly, he and his wife found themselves grappling with grief in the wake of a tragic and devastating family loss.

What started as a detour turned into a full-on road trip. David turned to drummer Zach Young to help bring a new songs to life, and Going To The Sun was born. The release of their self-titled debut album earned them some success and clout in their local area.

Joined by Ben Kelly, Charlie Peterson, Justin Rieken, and Stefan Van Voorst, the band soon found itself impressing audiences with shows ranging from acoustic-duo to full-band arrangements.

Going To The Sun’s latest album “Love Letters From The Western Gate” is available now on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Find out more about them by visiting their official website.

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