Nick Mckinnon – “Rapunzels Puzzle”

April 14th, 2020 saw Nick Mckinnon make his debut onto the music scene with his first album “Still Time To Be Born Still”. The twelve track release features an eclectic mix of sound that is sure to capture fans of indie and 90s rock. The most popular track, according to Spotify, is the fourth track of the album titled “Rapunzels Puzzle”. What did we think? Let’s find out!

The track invites us in with a couple of bars of clean guitar before wasting no time at all and gets straight to the point. You know that Nick Mckinnon isn’t messing around. The drums sound fantastic, we can’t get over how well they blend with the track. There is absolutely no doubt that a lot of time was taken to carefully create a vibe, though we couldn’t tell you what that is.

The theme of the song isn’t particularly clear, there are some lyrics in the second verse that we think might relate back to the title of the track “There is a palace…”. With every second that goes by, it’s clear Mckinnon’s vocals are excellent. A lot of inspiration has clearly been drawn by similar sounding artists of the 90s and with great effect!

Our favourite element has got to be the guitar tone, despite a lot of clean tones there is an excellent amount of fuzz that gives the song as a whole a good level of definition. This is cemented particularly towards the end of the track.

The fact that Nick Mckinnon did the album all on his own is truly impressive. We won’t spoil the rest of the album for you but you won’t be disappointed.

For fans of Nirvana and The Offspring, this track is certainly one you don’t want to miss!

Listen to “Rapunzels Puzzle” by Nick Mckinnon on Spotify. Be sure to follow Nick on Facebook and check out his official website!

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