Jonaz – “Cangrejita”

From Monterrey, Mexico comes Jonaz. On April 29th 2020 he released a brand new single “Cangrejita”. There’s a twist, this track is also a video game (which you can download for free on iOS and Android). You’ll have to go elsewhere for a video game review but for now, we’re gonna review the music!

From the get go, you can tell this groovy tune has 90s house influences. What Jonaz does here is blend in 80s synth-pop elements. You’ll have to listen very carefully for the latter. This fusion of tones is key to the overall sonic palette that is “Cangrejita”.

The guitar and piano solo trade-offs is a great moment to this track. It’s nice to hear solos that act more like a conversation than shouting at you (the key is phrasing).

Following this, the song moves to an outro before eventually fading to the sound of seagulls. “Cangrejita” is definitely a summer tune, one that would pair well with a nice sunny day on the beach… or playing Jonaz’s game of the same name!

“Cangrejita” sounds like your average run-of-the-mill house tune. The only thing that really gives a difference from other tunes in the genre is the subtle fusion of 80s and (more predominantly) 90s sounds. The solos give the song some character but honestly that’s pretty much it. If you’re a fan of House music, you’ll dig this.

Listen to “Cangrejita” by Jonaz on Spotify and YouTube. Follow Jonaz on Facebook.

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