Circo – “Adiós Hola”

After thirteen years, Puerto Rican band, Circo, have released a brand new album. On May 28th 2020, they released their brand new album “Adiós Hola”. Their last album was “Cursi” released in 2007.

For those unfamiliar with the band, Circo was formed in 2001. Founded by José Luis Abreu aka Fofé (Lead Singer), Edgardo Santiago aka Egui (Keyboards) and José David Pérez (Drums) all ex-band members of the renowned alt-rock band El Manjar de los Dioses (1994-2000). The group was joined by Orlando Méndez (Guitars) and Nicolas Cordero (Bass) who later left the band in 2006.

With that out of the way, let’s dive right into “Adiós Hola”!

Before we get started, we’d like to apologise for the fact that we can’t exactly comment on the lyrics as unfortunately none of us at Call That Music? speak Spanish. Therefore, this review will focus on the music, the language of the world!

The album starts off with “La Tormenta”. Running just under three minutes, the track has a retro-video game vibe to get “Adiós Hola” underway. The track flows very nicely, a bit of a mini-ballad from the sounds of things. The vocal harmonies are a really nice touch and the keyboards work with the vocals nicely to get the mood just right for what’s about to come next.

“Si Tu Te Vas” is up next. This track has a good build up for its intro. There’s an “Ordinary World” kind of feel to it, very nice. Before, what we think is, the chorus there’s a cool guitar run to get us ready. As we listen along to this track, it’s a really nice listening experience. The chord progressions really capture the feel of the track and hold it together very nicely. The run-time doesn’t feel like it’s trying to force anything and the ending sounds very natural.

“Las Joyas” follows, this is one groovy tune. We absolutely love everything the synths are doing in this. This track brings back the 8-bit/video game sounds of the first track. “Las Joyas” contains some breaks here and there which does well to capture our attention as we listen. Overall a very solid track indeed.

As soon as “Decir Adiós” begins, we just fell in love with it immediately. Everything in this track just works perfectly. The soundscape within this track is just superb. The beat and groove combined just take you with Circo on a journey. Marvellous.

“Te Descurbió la Suerte” takes it down a notch. It feels more like a ballad, well that’s what you’d think when you first listen but then Circo have a groovy trick up their sleeve. You had us there! Again, the chord progressions came out of nowhere and we are glad they did. Through headphones this is simply great.

Just when you think this album couldn’t possibly get any better, “Perdidos en el Bosque” starts. What an intro, what a song. Circo have really nailed their sound, it’s like everything of all the 80s classics rolled into one but brought up to modern standards.

Breath-taking. We’re stunned and blown away at this point by this album. “Donde Nadie Nos Concoe” kicks right off. Tight with the groove, flying on the choruses. Another faultless track, honestly – we listened to this track three times. The ending was so tight it made our eyes water.

When “Tantos Años” started, we were initially worried that the killer vs filler track ratio was about to score the first filler. Not exactly. The intro was a bit jarring but as we listened on and the track picked up it was great. This is one of those tracks you just have to let run on. Despite the intro, the song makes up for it with a killer chorus, bridge and outro. Phew!

Our first thought with “Libre” was that it was going to be an “indie” kinda track. We should know by now that Circo have a habit of tricking us! This track’s highlight is definitely the lick trading between the guitar and synth around 1:30. Again Circo really nails it with the vocal harmonies.

Finally we have “Iluminar”. Immediately it felt like the last track. Nice. Feels like “A Day In The Life” in the way it moves but it switches it up with a great chorus. The guitar solo is so great, full of emotion. The elements behind it really back it up and it sounds amazing. The perfect ending to a great album.

Wow! What. An. Album. We have to confess, we haven’t listened to anything that resonated this well with us for quite a while. Circo’s latest release “Adiós Hola” is perfect. That’s all we have to say.

Do your ears a favour and listen to “Adiós Hola” by Circo on Spotify and YouTube. Follow them on Instagram!

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