Jude Gwynaire – “Made In Wuhan”

Jude Gwynaire is a self-taught musician from Suffolk, UK. With a wide variety of influences from Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin to Radiohead and Captain Beefheart (to name a few). On May 5th 2020, Jude released a single titled “Made In Wuhan”. If his range of influences title and length of the track are anything to go by, this should be an interesting listening experience.

The seven-minute audible excursion begins with a good beat, some nice synth pads before hitting the one minute mark where everything kicks off. Many say that music is a language and honestly we have no idea what this is saying. This is very uncomfortable to listen to.

If we could explain the sound, we’d say this is what anxiety sounds like. The track is just messy and parts such as the crash cymbals just stick out like a sore thumb. To be fair, the saving grace which we did enjoy was the keyboard solo at around 2:35, that sounded pretty good and was panned very nicely in the mix.

Throughout this entire track we’re just trying to work out what on earth is going on. There’s some sort of vocal drone layered in the background that is incredibly distracting.

Seven minutes is far too long for this. We thought the track was about to end but we checked the run-time (at about 5:30) to see we still had a while to go.

While we appreciate the time and effort that has clearly gone into this track, it just didn’t feel like it really went anywhere. Almost all of the experience of listening to this was frankly uncomfortable and we understand that keeping to the niche of self-producing can be a worthwhile task for some, it didn’t work here.

Experience “Made In Wuhan” by Jude Gwynaire on Spotify. Follow Jude on Twitter and visit his official website.

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