Todd Patnaude – “One and Only”

On April 5th 2020, Todd Patnaude released his album “Lifesongs”. The artist, from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania has been teaching guitar and bass for over 30 years. One track from the album caught our attention – track five “One and Only”.

Oh Todd you rascal! At first we thought “Ah an acoustic track” but no, Todd very cleverly uses the acoustic to build into a fully fledged rock track. The transition is fantastic.

There’s a blend of all the classic greats, Beach Boys/Eagles-esque vocal harmonies blended with verses that sound like modern Cream (oh yeah, we went there). It all works very well. The lyrics and overall story they tell doesn’t sound long-winded, out of character or preachy – it fits the song nicely.

The bridge is well composed and the guitar solo is almost faultless. While Todd’s phrasing, tone and playing is superb – we couldn’t help but notice that the guitar solo track “clicked when the final verse came in which, to be fair only mildly, spoiled the flow. We’re pedantic here at Call That Music?

Overall the track as itself is mixed and mastered to a relatively professional quality. The production and flow of the track as a whole is solid. You can hear Todd Patnaude’s multi-decade musical proficiency throughout. “One and Only” is a decent rock track that for fans of classic rock would certainly enjoy. For fans of The Eagles, Beach Boys, Cream, Boston – this is one you’d certainly enjoy.

We very much enjoyed this track and look forward to hearing more from Todd Patnaude in the future!

Listen to “One and Only” by Todd Patnaude on Spotify. Follow Todd on Facebook. Be sure to check out his pages on Reverbnation and Bandcamp!

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