The Insufferable Paul Scott – “Radio Station”

The Insufferable Paul Scott has plied bass and guitar for various Australian acts, playing everywhere from community halls and malls in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to the Sydney Opera House. Most recently Scott released last year’s lovingly reviewed and widely supported by community radio, indie-pop album ‘Surrender to Robots’. On June 19th 2020, he released a brand new EP titled “Radio Station”.

There’s much to take away from this release. Just take the first track “Radio Station”. It’s indie, for sure, but what The Insufferable Paul Scott does here is provide a unique feel – this track especially. There’s a driving sort-of sound with parts that do sound stereotypically indie, yet retaining it’s own character.

The Insufferable Rob Scott

Up next is “Chasing Shadows”. The shimmer of the synthesizer is a very nice touch to kick this track off. We’re not quite sure how many times “Chasing Shadows” needs to be repeated within the lyrical structure but when we contemplate potential alternatives it’s clear that was probably the best idea. The chord structure behind it certainly does a lot to add emphasis and build momentum. Though there’s a conflict of sound around the two-minute mark that doesn’t sit particularly well. Fortunately it does dissolve into some airy drums before returning.

“The Collapse” is definitely a nod to Joy Division. To great effect! The progression is superb and the bass tone is great. We certainly resonated more with this track, this has an air of charm about it. A lot going on towards the end, like a build up before the send off. Short, but sweet. Nice!

Finally, we have “A Golden Calf”. Rising synth is the order of the day before a calm acoustic Dylan-esque start. The layers of acoustic guitar is an excellent feature of this track. This is a very sweet track, a stark contrast from the manic chaos of previous tracks but a brilliant way to finish this release.

“Radio Station” by The Insufferable Paul Scott is indie, sure, but what he presents is an impressive mix of audible textures which makes this sound entirely his. While at times there’s some chaos, it does resolve and round off to make this EP stand out from the oversaturated indie genre. We recommend spending some time to listen.

You can listen to “Radio Station” by The Insufferable Paul Scott on Spotify. Follow him on YouTube!

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